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The most prominent businesses around the world, such as Tesla, Airbnb, Alibaba, etc., do not have an inventory. Why burden yourself financially when you can simply generate income by leading profit leading customers to someone else’s platform through an affiliate network? Start earning right now as an affiliate marketer in Kenya by using our network, elpways.com, and get a commission for every successful referral you make up to the third party.

The affiliate marketing field is probably one of the quickest developing ways to generate money online today. The concept of how affiliate programs work is quite simple actually. All you have to do is market other people’s products through an affiliate network, and once an individual spends using your referral link, you end up with a commission. Since billions of ordinary people surf the internet every day, affiliate marketing will give you the grand opportunity to target potential regardless of their location in the world. There are millions of individuals around the world who have managed to build lucrative careers through affiliate programs. Research conducted in 2016 reveals that 84% of bloggers and 81% of companies leverage affiliate programs as a significant source of generating revenue. 

How to Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer with Elpways. 

Elphways user dashboard

Elpways gives you three affiliate activation plans that you can choose from based on your preference or budget. Once you activate a plan, you will be provided with an affiliate link or a tracking code that you’ll be using to invite other users. Once they activate a level, you’ll earn a commission up to the third-party referral. Like other affiliate marketing programs, you can use your social media accounts, blogs, or websites. However, the most crucial element in your promotional message is your affiliate link. This is the breakdown of how to earn from our referral program. 

Once you have registered an account for free, navigate to https://www.elphways.com/accounts/affiliate-join/ and chose a plan. However, if joined through an affiliate link/referral code, simply activate that plan, share your tracking code/link, and start earning. 

This is how you’ll be earning based on the plan that you’ve activated. 

Plan A: 

Activate Ksh 100 and earn Ksh 40 for level 1 referral, Ksh30 for level 2 referral, and Ksh 10 for level 3 referral. 

Plan B: 

Activate for Ksh 250 and earn Ksh 100 for level 1 referral, Ksh 80 for level 2 referral and Ksh 50 for level 3 referral. 

Plan C: 

Activate for Ksh 400 and earn Ksh 200 for level 1 referral, Ksh 100 for level 2 referral and Ksh 80 for level 3 referral.

How to make money from these plans

Affiliate marketing takes time and hard work, however if you have size-able audience, then you don't need to worry. Here are some steps to get you started.

  • Use multiple social media and marketing platforms.

Promote your affiliate link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, free blogger accounts etc.  Do this as much as possible and always remember to add your referral code.

  • Persuade friends and family

You can reach out to friends and family members and direct them to your social media page or blogs so they can join the referral program using your tracking code. Don't forget to disclose that you'l earn a commission once they activate a plan.

Other ways to Make Money with us

You can also use our lucky spin wheel to earn up to Ksh 1000 with no creepy algorithms to prevent you from winning. Besides, you can participate in our Trivia Quizzes where users can earn Ksh 5 for each correct answer. More services are currently under development, and you can benefit from them once they’re up and running. For instance, getting paid by watching videos from your favourite YouTube content creators, and boosting your revenue by advertising with us. 

Bulk SMS and Airtime Purchase

For individuals, businesses, or institutions interested in Bulk SMS, Elpways offers you an opportunity to send SMS messages across all networks in Kenya for only Ksh 0.70 per message with just one click. Also, earn 4% cashback by using our platform to buy airtime across all networks in Kenya. The procedure for buying buying airtime is well explained here

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keenah Gabana