Top Freelance Platforms to make money online in 2021

More and more businesses are now turning to online solutions not only to expand their reach but also to save on operational costs. Besides, since the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a significant rise in remote work jobs, and many individuals are now taking advantage of internet accessibility by creating an online presence to boost their brand recognition. Due to this, anyone can now make a living off their expertise through various online platforms that I am going discuss in this article.

I’ve personally worked on most of these platforms, and I promise you that the results will be great provided you do everything right. I’m not going to lie to you that the process will be easy. You need to understand, learn and acquire the right skills to succeed in the field you’ve chosen. Remember, you’ll be working for an ordinary person like you. If the table is reversed, will you spend your hard-earned money on some shoddy work? I don’t think so.

There are lots of benefits that come with being a freelancer. For instance, you can remotely work from anywhere you want, you can be your own boss, you do not have to concern yourself with trivial office politics, there’s less time involved, and you get to spend most of the time with your friends and family. However, you must remember that you don’t have a stable job, meaning you’ll be living a nomad’s life, moving from project to project, constantly looking for a new employer—kind of like an online ronin, a masterless samurai roaming the virtual wastes. Having said that, here are some platforms you can check out for great freelance opportunities.


Fiverr is definitely my favorite freelance platform. I have generated more income than I could imagine with them within a short time. It’s an excellent platform for beginners to build a portfolio of work. Signing up is simple, and freelancers can quickly create a profile and add portfolio work to impress future clients. You can post your “gigs,” which are the services you offer, with several price points for each. Fiverr also boosts the ability to create service packages, bundling your services together for a higher price point, increasing your revenue potential.

The major difference between popular freelance marketplaces and Fiverr is the process of working with clients. For instance working with clients on Upwork means constantly pitching for new jobs. So new work doesn’t happen in the background without your input — you have to be proactively on the hunt for new work when you want it. Fiverr is an entirely different story. With Fiverr, you essentially productize your service via Gigs. The best part about Fiverr is that clients are empowered to make purchases without even talking to you because of how Gigs are set up.

This means that if your Gig is the right fit for their needs, at the right time, you can be making sales while you sleep. Undoubtedly, people will still get in touch with questions or ask for custom deliverables from time to time. With that said, here are some helpful links that will help you to get started.

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Upwork is one of the best websites to look for freelance work of all types. Programmers, designers, writers, IT professionals, translators, attorneys, financial advisers – everyone is welcome, and there is plenty of work to go around. You can set up a profile fairly quickly and charge an hourly rate or set a price for each project, and you get rated depending on how well you do.

 To get started with Upwork, you can sign up for a free account, fill out your profile, upload a resume and some samples of your work, and start browsing for jobs. You can apply for jobs within the platform quickly and track them through your dashboard. I will not go into the details on how you can create a successful profile; however, this articles How to Create an Upwork Profile ; How to Create an Upwork Profile. 12 Tips That Get You Clients, Crazy FAST, can guide you to kickstart Upwork freelance career.


This is another great website with a fairly extensive network that connects freelancers with companies worldwide. As stated on their website, Guru is interested in work on “technical, creative or business projects,” so there is plenty of opportunity for all types of freelancers from programmers and game developers to translators, engineers, and attorneys. 

Therefore, If you fancy yourself as a guru in a particular area, you may be able to turn your skills and expertise into a lucrative career as a freelance worker with Guru.com. Here is a quick guide on how to create a freelance profile on Guru; How To Create a Winning Profile


Freelancer is the oldest and most popular freelance marketplace in the world. If you are already familiar with Upwork, then your work-around on this platform will be easy. Like Upwork, Freelancer offers many services, including web development, SEO analytics, writing, mobile development, app development, accounting, graphics design, logo design, data entry, and more. You can sign and work at Freelancer for free, although they also have membership upgrades that will greatly help you earn more, such as getting more bids per month and a list of skills. The same goes for Upwork.


Studypool is one of the online tutoring platforms where you are given a chance to answer simple homework questions that students post. There are millions of students across the globe who are posting their homework every day. However, When you start off as a tutor, you basically have no reputation, and you have to compete with established tutors who’ve answered thousands of questions and high ratings. 

Naturally, students will choose tutors they feel have the most knowledge to help answer their questions. (And as a new tutor, that’s probably not going to be you.) This made it hard for newcomers to make money with Studypool until recently when they added a new feature that allows students to sell their study materials and class notes. Do you remember those notes that your lecturer or professor gave you in your college days? That’s what is going to make us paid online massively. So, do you have those notes? All you have to do is upload these notes to  Studypool and earn $10 for every sale they make. You can start selling documents here 

Final Thoughts

When you start a freelance business, you need to have a fierce dedication to delivering great results for your clients regardless of the circumstances going on in your personal life. Procrastination can be the ruin of you.  

Hope this helps and goodluck with your freelancing career

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Keenah Gabana