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Affordable Cloud Computing and Software Services.

Experience cost-effective cloud computing and software solutions tailored to your requirements. Unlock efficiency, scalability, and innovation for yourself and your business.


Our services are designed with simplicity in mind. Do more with our user-friendly interface and API.


Enjoy quality services at a price you can live with. Our pricing is predictable with zero hidden charges.


Focus on your business, let us handle the technical stuff. Enjoy 99.99% uptime for all our services.


Build, release, and scale faster with virtual machines and tools for every workload.

Shared CPU

Get balanced performance for nearly any workload. From personal projects to enterprise applications, shared instances can handle it.

Dedicated CPU

Run workloads that require full-duty work without CPU contention/steal. Ideal for CPU-intensive applications such as video encoding.

High Memory

Run workloads that require heavy-duty enterprise-grade performance with large amounts of system RAM and 100% CPU resources 24/7.

Featuring AMD EPYC

Our selection of AMD 7000 series CPUs allow us to uphold superior price-performance and help more developers and organizations discover the power of the cloud.


Dependable, easily-accessible storage and management.

Block Storage

Quickly increase the total storage available on a server by adding independently managed high-speed volumes of up to 10TB.

Object Storage

Use S3-compatible Object Storage to store your data across a cluster of servers for high availability and durability.


Keep your data safe with the our simple, scalable backup service. Schedule automatic backups so you can always recover your data locally.


Simple, Reliable, and Scalable Managed Databases.


NoSQL database engine for document-oriented databases.


Worry-free MySQL hosting so you can focus on building great apps.


DB of choice for developers who need advanced features and increased security

Website Hosting

From a simple blog to a complex real-time interactive app, our global cloud infrastructure provides you and your customers with unbeatable performance, at a low cost.

Insights & Resources

Insights and resources to help drive your business forward faster.